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Campeggio Torre Pendente

Viale delle Cascine, 86 56122 - Pisa (PI)
Pisa, Tuscany
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Campeggio Villaggio Internazionale

Via Litoranea, 7, 56013 Pisa (pi)
Pisa, Tuscany
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Camping Mare E Sole

Loc. Calambrone Tirrenia, 56100 Pisa (pi)
Pisa, Tuscany
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Camping Village St.Michael

Via della Bigattiera, 24 56018 - Tirrenia (Pisa) Italy
Pisa, Tuscany
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Typical Food and Drink of Pisa

As a general rule, try not to eat near the Leaning Tower where prices are high and quality low, on the contrary head to the central area (5 minutes walking from Piazza dei Miracoli) near the food market: you can find very good and cheap typical restaurants there.

Also Via San Martino, next to the south bank of the river, offers some places with good quality and low price. And there are excellent, friendly and reasonably priced cafeterias in the busy small vegetable market, Piazza delle Vettovaglie. This said, near the Leaning Tower, in via Roma, there's a very good Indian Restaurant, with a beautiful atmosphere and really good dishes. And in Piazza dei Miracoli, there's a good restaurant-pizzeria, cheap enough, the Kinzica. In anycase, don't miss Salza, in Borgo Stretto, with high prices but absolutely gorgeous chocolate, sweets and pastries of all kinds. Don't sit down inside, though, because you end up paying 10 Euros for two coffees. Finally,there's a good pizzeria near the Youth Hostel, too, on the road that leads to the Leclerc, on the left then you must go in the tunnel.

Here are some good spots for eating:

  • Numero 11, Via San Martino: cheap price and good food in an informal setting. You can find any kind of food there.
  • Vineria di Piazza, Piazza delle Vettovaglie: it serves very few dishes but they are good and cheap. You can find very traditional food here.
  • Il Montino, Via del Monte: great place to get very good pizza and excellent focaccine at a very cheap price. You can eat there or take away the food.
  • La Stanzina, Via Calvalca: close to Piazza delle Vettovaglie, it has very good food at reasonable price in a cosy enviroment. Many of the recipes come from southern Italy.
  • Osteria dei Cavalieri, Via San Frediano: very close to Piazza dei Cavalieri ,it is quite expensive but very good. You can find typical and traditional recipes from tuscany.
  • La Mescita, Via Cavalca: very close to Piazza delle Vettovaglie, it is an expensive but very good choice. They serve both traditional and more sophisticated food.


During summer nights, everybody stays around the banks of the rivers, sipping drinks bought from the several bars in the area. A few of very good wine-bar are also available for colder, winter night.

Pisa Cafè dell'Ussero: a Rendevouz for Artists. It is a monument to Italian culture in the 1400's Palazzo Agostini, on Lungarno. Its walls are covered with glorious memories from its most famous visitors of the Risorgimento when they were students: Carlo Goldoni, Gacomo Casanova, Vittorio Alfieri, Filippo Mazzei, John Ruskin, Domenico Guerrazzi, Giuseppe Giusti, Renato Fucini, Giosuè Carducci, Cesare Abba, Giuseppe Montanelli. In 1839, it was seat of the meetings of the first Italian Congress of Scientists. Caffè dell’Ussero - Lungarno Pacinotti, 27 – Pisa

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Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Pisa


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